Application of 12KW Laser Cutting Machine in Shipbuilding Industry

With the birth of 12kw continuous fiber lasers, ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machines are more and more widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding,automotive,energy equipment manufacturing and other industries. Especially in the shipbuilding industry, it has played an indispensable role.

The shipbuilding industry has high requirements for the transfer accuracy of hull sections, and the frame transfer clearance must be controlled within 1mm. In the past, shipbuilding companies generally used plasma to cut the plates, but in order to ensure the assembly gap, a trimming allowance was set on the plates, which required manual trimming during on-site assembly. However, this method causes uneven cutting quality, residual oxides in the slit, and at the same time increases the assembly workload, the assembly cycle increases, and the entire segmented construction cycle is prolonged.

However, the application of the 12kw laser cutting machine perfectly solves this problem. It can ensure the high-precision production of the workpiece, and the error of the workpiece produced by the 12kw laser cutter is within ±0.05mm. And because the high-power laser cutting machine can realize high-speed cutting, its heat-affected zone is much smaller than that of the plasma cutting machine, which effectively improves the problem of workpiece deformation. Taking senfeng 12kw fiber laser cutter as an example, it can realize stable cutting of 30mm carbon steel, 50mm stainless steel, 40mm aluminum and 20mm brass. In the shipbuilding industry, 12kw laser cutting machine has the following advantages compared with the previous traditional production methods (flame cutting, plasma cutting):

1. Lower Cost, Fewer Processing Procedures and Higher Efficiency

The traditional process generally includes 5 processes + 4 parts handling, while the 12kw laser cutter can simplify the process to: the plate enters the factory, and the laser cutting (laser cutting + laser groove + laser drilling) 2 processes. This not only improves the processing speed, saves labor, but also greatly reduces the cost of shipbuilding. In addition, the 12kw laser cutting machine is very advantageous when processing medium and thick plates. Its speed is faster than traditional plasma cutting, and as the power increases, its cutting speed of 10mm carbon steel plates will continue to increase.

2. Flexible and Intelligent Production

The laser cutting machine cooperates with CNC and robots to help users realize intelligent and flexible production. The 12kw sheet laser cutting machine is equipped with a hydraulic lifting auxiliary feeding structure and a lifting exchange platform, which can realize flexible feeding, fine-tuning and fast cutting of sheets, and reduce non-production time. Combined with the high-intelligence CNC bus system, the 12kw laser cutter can realize the functions of changing the cutting process settings, real-time monitoring of the cutting status, and full-process inspection and recording of cutting data parameters.

3. Efficient and Precise Machining of Various Workpieces

Due to the various shapes of the workpieces required by the hull structure, the12kw laser cutting machine is required to be equipped with an intelligent CNC central-controlled laser cutting head that can realize multi-angle and multi-directional cutting. For example, automatic focusing laser cutting head, three-dimensional automatic focusing laser cutting head and so on. With the high-intelligence numerical control system, high-quality workpieces with a slit of about 0.03mm, a vertical cut, and no slag on the bottom can be processed to ensure the overall precision dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

4. Easy to Maintain, Save Time and Effort

The light source of the fiber laser cutting machine is that the laser beam is transmitted through the optical fiber. Compared with the traditional mechanical optical path, this optical fiber transmission method is simpler and easier to maintain. Coupled with the power distribution cabinet of the 12kw laser cutter, it is safe, dust-proof, and anti-static, which greatly saves the time, energy and cost of maintenance.

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