Application Cases of Laser Cladding Technology in Various Industries

Laser cladding technology has become one of the most trendy ways of metal surface repair. With high energy laser as heat source and the metal alloy powder as a welding material, laser cladding is the process of melting the surface of the metal to form a molten pool, and then generating rapid solidification of dense, uniform and controllable metallurgical bonding layer. The cladding layer has specific physical, chemical or mechanical properties, so as to strengthen the surface of metal parts and longer their service time. Laser cladding can be divided into traditional laser cladding and high-speed laser cladding. Today, let’s check for some application cases of this technology in various industries.


The equipment in coal mining, petroleum and metallurgical industries all works in harsh environment, which leads to serious abrasion and corrosion. Main equipment has the following characteristics: a. super large B) expensive C) difficult in loading and unloading D) large workload of maintenance.  When the equipment stops running due to abrasion, the economic loss is huge, and the application of laser cladding in solving the abraded and corroded parts will bring significant economic benefits. Laser cladding machines have been widely used all over the world to realize on-site repair, taking the repair of rolling mill gate for example.  


All kinds of mold damages, including scratches, collapsed angles, bumps, pits and other causes of mold failure can be repaired by laser cladding machine without dismantlement.  After laser repair, the mold does not anneal, undercut or deform. The bonding strength can be comparable to the matrix. The material and hardness of the surface can be selected according to the matrix of the mold.  


Processing machinery: laser cladding machine can repair guide rail surface on all kinds of machine tool for the damages, such as strains, bumps and pits caused by the use of iron cutting or other foreign objects. These damages can be fixed by laser cladding machine on-site and without disintegration. After repair, the guide rail can reach the demanded accuracy and work in good order.  


Power machinery industry: laser repair for the surface deformation of turbine generator cylinder, motor rotor bearing position and blade flange groove matching position. These parts are easily abraded by carbon brush friction. Laser cladding machine can help improve the abrasive resistance and longer their service time. 


Textile machinery: its equipment is characterized by high utilization rate, and the work site is full of flammable materials so it is not allowed to use fire operation on site. Laser cladding technology can not only be used in the textile industry to recover various axial, slider, roller, motor, bearing, socket and end cover, but also can conduct site repair and non dismantlement laser repair. This greatly reduces cost caused by machine shutdown, shortens the maintenance period and becomes a new means of the textile industry equipment maintenance.


In paper-making industry, equipment works under environment of high temperature, high humidity and high corrosion for very long time, and this lead to severe and frequent corrosion and abrasion. The application of laser cladding in paper-making equipment can obtain huge economic benefits, and it is one of the technical measures to upgrade paper-making machinery and has been widely used all over the world.  



It is obvious to see that laser cladding is used to repair mechanical parts in a very wide range of industries. Because of the ability to control laser, laser cladding machine has become a new attempt in more and more industries for repairing mechanical parts. Senfeng, as one of the pioneers of laser probing company, can provide all kinds of laser solutions for your business, including laser cladding, cutting, cleaning, welding, bending and welding. For more information, please contact us!


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