Application and development direction of high power cnc fiber laser cutting machine

In recent years, the application of industrial cnc fiber laser cutting machine has been rapidly promoted. Especially in 2016, the machine broke the bottleneck of 8kw application. Since then, domestic ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting machines have entered into fierce competition.

The development of laser technology is the most important reason to upgrade laser equipment. After the power is increased, the output stability and quality improvement of the laser become the focus. From pulsed fiber to continuous fiber lasers, the development speed of domestic lasers can be said to exceed the expectations of foreign counterparts. It was originally monopolized by foreign companies. With the entry and expansion of domestic enterprises, domestic fiber lasers have been blooming for a while.

The main application of metal lazer cutter is metal cutting. As the market demand for sheet metal processing has slowed in the past two years , related equipment has entered a moderate saturation. Laser industry is also seeking new application growth. In addition to metal cutting, laser welding and laser cleaning applications are more potential areas.

The demand for laser welding has increased continuously by more than 20% over the past three years. Precision welding and metal welding applications have been promoted.

In the next few years, laser welding is expected to maintain a strong momentum and continues to drive the development. Especially in the field of high-end manufacturing, there will be more room for development. 

Senfeng Laser is committed to being at the forefront of the trend. At present our machine has reached 30,000 watts. The processing effect has been unanimously recognized by customers. Laser welding machines are our hot-selling products, with peaks of up to 15,000 watts. 

In the future, we will continue to work hard to provide customers with advanced products.

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