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The intelligent metal sheet bending machine is an equipment for processing thin plates. Its structure mainly includes a tool holder, worktable, aclamping feeding device and a CNC operating table. The worktable is composed of a base and a clamping piece feeding structure. The workpiece is positioned and clamped on the worktable and delivered to the processing position through the feeding mechanism, and the bending tool is driven by the tool holder to process the workpiece.

Traditional processing equipment during the operation of the selection of materials in fact, there are many restrictions, so that some materials in the processing industry can not be simple processing methods to achieve the purpose of bending operation. The use ofmetal sheet bender can effectively solve these production problems, the use of CNC bending equipment can complete the processing and production of a variety of materials, the application of equipment for the development of processing and production industry is very beneficial. Compared with the traditional processing method, metal sheet bending machine has the following advantages:

1.High speed, high production efficiency and low energy consumption.

2.Simple routine maintenance and low maintenance cost.

3.High degree of automation, simple operation, no need to replace the upper and lower mold, save time.

4.The bending tool can complete the shape of non-right angle, right angle, circular arc, pressing dead edge, etc.

5. It’s suitable for flat molding of various materials.

6.The machine body adopts high precision tempering furnace tempering treatment, completely release the welding internal stress, ensure not easy deformation, ensure the stability of the equipment.

Small to non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal sheet, automobile and ship, electrical and electric appliances, decoration, kitchenware board, cabinets, elevator cabinet door shearing, bending processing; Large to the aerospace field, steel bending machine playing a more and more important role. If you want to know more about our products, please contact senfeng.

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