Analysis of Functions and Advantages of Metal Plate and Tube Cutting Machine

Nowadays, all kinds of pipe and profile are widely used in all walks of life, closely related to everyone’s life, everywhere, such as furniture, stadium, bus and other industries, with the growing demand of the market, pipe and profile processing market is also more and more huge. The traditional processing method has been unable to meet the requirements of the rapid development of the market and low-cost production mode, so equipped with a tube cutting machine tube plate integrated laser cutting machine was born.

 The sheet metal and tube laser cutting machine is a professional equipment for cutting tube sheets and plates. It has more advantages than other equipment in cutting tube sheets. It can cut any special-shaped tube sheet. Because the sheet metal and tube laser cutting machine has a professional and stable cutting effect, once researched and developed, it quickly occupied various metal processing industries, especially in automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other industries and has been widely used.

Steel sheet and pipe cutting machine basically covers all kinds of metal industries, sheet metal, jewelry, glasses, mechanical equipment, lighting, kitchen and bathroom products, communications, digital products, electronic components, clocks, computer accessories, instruments and meters, precision instruments, hardware mold, auto parts, craft gifts and other dozens of industries.

First of all, we have to know that laser tube cutting is a high production efficiency, strong ability, flexible technology, operators can modify the design, and will not affect the whole product production process; A further benefit is that the end user can control the production of short or medium versions without having to manufacture a large number of templates, which allows for a faster response to customer needs without the need to produce molds.

Compared with the traditional tube cutting method, metal plate and tube cutting machine has the following advantages:

High precision: The traditional pipe cutting is done manually, so each cut part is different, while the laser processing uses the same fixture system, the processing design is completed by the programming software, and multiple processing steps are completed at one time;

High speed: laser can cut several meters of pipe in one minute, hundreds of times the traditional manual way, which means that laser processing has high efficiency;

Batch processing: standard pipe length is 6 meters, using the traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping, and laser processing can be very simple to complete a few meters long pipe clamping positioning, which makes batch processing possible;

Flexibility: Laser can process various shapes flexibly, and designers can carry out complex designs, which are inconceivable under traditional processing methods;

Metal plate and tube cutting machine has a reasonable structure design, good rigidity, stable operation and high cutting accuracy. One machine with two functions, whether it is all kinds of metal plates or metal pipes of different shapes, it can be easily controlled. Meet the requirements of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers to simultaneously cut metal sheets and pipes with one machine. If you want to know more about steel sheet and pipe cutting, please contact senfeng.

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