Affordable Backpack Laser Cleaner Machine 50W/100W on Sale

Are you just entering the world of laser cleaning, feeling overwhelmed by the volume of new cleaning ways? Review this affordable backpack laser cleaner machine with 50W and 100W power options available for pickup now with a starting price of $5,000 for home business, commercial use, and education.

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Affordable Backpack Laser Cleaner Machine 50W/100W on Sale

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Today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and safety, the cleaning method that is safer, more environmentally friendly, simple and efficient, and does not damage the surface of the workpiece has become the focus of everyone’s attention.

The continuous innovation and improvement of laser technology has brought laser cleaning into the public eye. It can not only clean organic pollutants, but also can clean inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, coatings, dust, oxides, paint, oil stains.

Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine

This backpack laser cleaner is a portable cleaning tool that uses a high-frequency short-pulse laser as the working medium. The hand-held laser cleaning gun emits high-energy beams of specific wavelengths to irradiate and act on the rust layer, paint layer, and pollution layer to form a rapidly expanding plasma (highly ionized unstable gas) and generate shock waves, which breaks up the contaminants and gets cleaned up.

Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine Features

1. Non-contact cleaning, without damaging the base of the parts.

2. Precise cleaning, can achieve precise location, precise size selective cleaning.

3. No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safety and environmental protection.

4. Simple operation with a special control panel, which is convenient to control.

5. It is portable and can be hand-held or cooperated with a manipulator to realize automatic cleaning.

6. Ergonomic design, greatly reducing the labor intensity of operation.

7. The backpack laser cleaning system is stable, almost no maintenance.

Backpack Laser Cleaner Machine

Backpack Laser Cleaner

Handheld Laser Cleaning Gun

Handheld Laser Cleaning Gun

Backpack Laser Cleaning System Pros & Advantages

Environmental Friendly

No chemical agents are used, and there is no cleaning agent residue, which can eliminate the environmental pollution caused by cleaning chemical cleaning, and achieve zero pollution at the industrial level.


The laser pulse acts on the surface of the workpiece to be cleaned, and the focused laser beam can accurately evaporate the surface objects or dust without causing damage or secondary pollution to the surface of the object.

Low Cost

Although the initial investment of the machine is large, it can be used stably for a long time, with low operating cost, high speed, high efficiency, and time-saving (the service life of the machine can be as long as 10 years with correct use and maintenance). The long-term cost is low over traditional cleaning methods.

Safe & Efficient

In addition to removing various pollutants on the surface of various materials, such as precision parts, metal cleaning in small spaces, and complex structural parts that are difficult to reach by traditional methods, it can be transmitted through optical fibers and used in conjunction with robots to achieve long-distance operate. Not only is it convenient and efficient to clean, but it also ensures the safety of operators in certain dangerous places.

Backpack Laser Cleaner Machine Applications

Backpack laser cleaning machines have been popularized in education, home business and industrial manufacturing, including microelectronic devices, semiconductor components, memory templates in the field of microelectronics. Stone carvings, glass, bronzes, oil paintings and murals in the field of cultural relics protection. Cleaning of composite molds, rubber molds, and metal molds. Hydrophilic treatment in the field of surface treatment, surface roughening, treatment of welds before and after welding. Paint removal and rust removal for aircraft, ships, weaponry, bridges, metal pressure vessels, metal pipes, aircraft parts, and electrical product parts. As well as urban graffiti, printing cylinders, building facades, nuclear industry.

What Can It Do?


High Power Laser Surface Cleaning.

High Power Laser Surface Treatment Induced Surface Improvement.

Uniform Surface with Low HAZ.

High Power Laser Paint Removal.

Subtractive Surface Treatment.

Surface Texturing

Cosmetic Surface Conditioning (Replaces Bead Blasting).

Tire Mold Cleaning.

Mold Cleaning.

Selective Paint Removal.

Metal Parts Cleaning.

Anodizing Removal 3D Surface Cleaning and Conditioning.

Surface Cleaning

“On-The-Fly” Cleaning.

Ablation (Anodized, Painted or Coated).

Paint Stripping and Removal.

Rust and Corrosion Removal.


Backpack Laser Cleaning Projects

Backpack Laser Cleaning Projects

Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine Technical Parameters



Laser Power


Laser Type



10-500ns Adjustable

Operating mode


Max Pulse energy


Beam Quality(M2)


Power range(%)


Repeat frequency(kHz)


Wires length


Cooling mode


Degree of instability


Overall size L*W*H

About 336mm×129mm×400/500mm

Overall Weight

About 18kg (Without battery)

Cleaning gun weight



Built-in battery, 100W continuous work for 1hr

Optional 2P AC220V±10%,50/60Hz

Total consumption


Environment temperature


Environment humidity


Cleaning Gun Parameters

Scanning range (L* W)

10-300mm, continuously adjustable;

Dual axis supports 7 scanning modes;

Scanning frequency

10 Hz~300Hz continuously adjustable

Field lens focal length (mm)

160mm(Optional 210mm/254mm/330mm/420mm)

Depth of focus

Max 5mm

How Much Does It Cost?

The 50W backpack laser cleaner starts at $5,000, while the 100W backpack laser cleaning machine can be as expensive as $10,500. All depends on the cleaner’s laser generator brands and powers. Due to the use of pulsed lasers, the price is slightly higher than that of continuous lasers.

If you’re looking to find out exactly how much backpack laser cleaning systems cost, you can request a quote to find out now.

Parts & Accessories

Backpack Laser Cleaner Parts & Accessories

Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine Parts & Accessories

Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine Parts & Accessories

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