Advantages of Steel Laser Welding Machine in Thin Sheet Metal Process

Steel laser welding machine is one of the important components of laser metal processing. Laser welding equipment is a kind of precise welding technology which uses high energy beam as heat source. It mainly heats the workpiece surface through high energy laser beam, and the heat diffuses from the material surface to the inside. Through adjusting the parameters of laser pulse, the corresponding materials are melted and a form specific melting pool.

The principle of laser welding equipment can be divided into heat conduction welding and laser deep welding. Laser welding is a kind of laser energy, which combines different materials, different thickness or different shapes to meet the requirements of different situations on material performance. It can realize equipment lightweight with the lightest weight, optimal structure and best performance. So, what are the advantages of laser welding machine in the field of sheet metal welding?

The advantages of steel laser welding machine in the field of sheet metal welding industry:

Stainless steel materials are widely used in the manufacture of various finished products,welding of stainless steel sheet has become an important process in the process of production and manufacturing. However, due to the characteristics of sheet stainless steel, it also makes welding difficult, and it has become a welding problem in the field of sheet stainless steel.

Traditional fiber laser welding machine has a big problem in processing sheet steel. Because of its small thermal conductivity, it is only about one third of ordinary low carbon steel, and it with small restraint.

Therefore, once the welding process is partially heated and cooled, uneven stress and strain will be formed. Longitudinal shrinkage of weld will produce certain pressure on the outer edge of stainless steel sheet, Once the pressure of traditional welding machine is too large, it will cause the wave deformation of the workpiece, which will not only affect the beauty but also affect the quality of the workpiece, and also have the problem of over burning and burning will occur.

steel laser welding machine

The appearance of optical fiber laser welding machine solves this problem well. Laser welding is to use high energy laser pulse to heat the material locally in a small area. The energy radiated by laser is diffused through the heat transfer guide material, and the material is melted and formed a specific melting pool. It with high welding depth width ratio and small weld width, small heat affected area and deformation, the fast welding speed , the weld is flat and beautiful. After welding, it does not need to be treated or just simply treated. The weld quality is high, and there is no porosity. It can be precisely controlled, and it is easy to realize automation. Laser welding machine is gradually replacing the market of traditional sheet welding with many advantages.


At present, the optical fiber laser welding machine is mainly aimed at the fixed positions of large-scale workpieces such as large and medium-sized sheet metal, cabinet, chassis, aluminum alloy door and window frame, stainless steel hand basin, etc., such as inner right angle, outer right angle and plane weld. The welding process has small heat affected area, small deformation, and large welding depth and firm welding. It is widely used in kitchen and sanitation industry, household appliance industry, advertising industry, mold industry, stainless steel products industry, stainless steel engineering industry, door and window industry, handicraft industry, home-based products industry, furniture industry, automobile parts industry, etc. It can replace traditional argon arc welding, to do stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate and other metal materials welding.


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