Advantages of Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

With the maturity and rapid development of laser technology, it has been widely used in many industries. Laser cutting technology has also developed from plate cutting to metal pipe cutting. The birth and application of professional metal tube cutting machine has greatly improved the processing efficiency of metal pipes. Today, we mainly analyzes the advantages of professional laser pipe cutting machines, as well as the classification and characteristics of mainstream professional laser pipe cutting machines in the market, and looks forward to the development trend of professional laser pipe cutting machines.

Advantages of professional metal tube laser cutting machine

The cutting principle of laser pipe cutting machine is not much different from that of plane laser cutting machine. As a special laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine mainly performs laser cutting for standard metal pipes (round pipes, rectangular pipes, elliptical pipes, etc.), profiles (channel steel, angle steel, etc.) and some special-shaped pipes. Compared with traditional processing technology, its advantages lie in the following aspects:

1. High cutting precision , and the contour precision can reach ± 0.05mm.

2. Flat incision, the slit is fine, and less material loss. Compared with the traditional cutting process, the laser cut pipe process has smooth cutting section without burr and good workpiece quality. The cut pipe can be directly used for welding, which reduces the processing process of guardrail and improves the production efficiency.

3. Non contact processing, and the heat affected zone of laser cutting is very small, with almost no deformation.

4. High cutting efficiency and mass production.

5. Good flexibility,adopted professional system and nesting programming software, and the products can be changed or replaced at any time.

There is no need to make molds for different designs. It can also realize automatic cutting layout and nesting, improve material utilization and save a lot of production costs.

It can be seen that the professional laser pipe cutting machine can replace the processing procedures of mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, stamping or cleaning burr and other equipment and hard tools that need different metal pipe processing, and realize the blanking and cutting, chamfering, grooving or hole, notch and other possible size and shape features of complex pipe structure. It can be widely used in sheet metal processing kitchenware, lamps, automobiles, medical equipment, hardware, fitness equipment and other industries.

Taking the protective fence as an example, we briefly introduce the application of laser pipe cutter in the manufacturing of protective fence. Firstly, the protective fence needs to be applied to the processing of pipes, and various forms of cutting, drilling and welding of various square or circular pipes. In order to further increase the pipe production efficiency, improve the processing quality and reduce material waste in the guardrail industry, the optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine has become a winning “weapon” for various metal pipe manufacturers. The optical fiber laser pipe cutting machine integrating cutting, hollowing and drilling has promoted the development of protective fence manufacturing industry, virtually changed people’s quality of life, beautified the urban environment, and provided strong technical support for sheet metal processing industry.

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