Advantages of High Speed Laser Cladding Machine

Electroplating is a widely used metal surface repair technology. As a basic industrial technology, electroplating involves various fields of the national economy and is used to enhance the wear and corrosion resistance of the surface of metal parts. Electroplating uses a large number of highly toxic strong acids, alkalis, salts and organic chemical solutions, and releases a large amount of toxic and harmful gases during the operation, which is extremely harmful to people and the environment. With the birth of high-speed laser cladding machine, cladding has gradually become an alternative technology for electroplating chromium. As an advanced green metal surface modification technology, laser cladding can not only replace electroplating, but also replace traditional processes such as thermal spraying and ordinary laser cladding. It can be widely used in engineering machinery, metallurgy, petrochemicals, and transportation,national defense and many other fields.

laser cladding machine

The development of hard chromium electroplating technology is very mature and it is one of the anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coating technologies that have been widely used in the past. The preparation process is to immerse the workpiece in a chromic acid solution, and deposit the coating through an electrochemical method. The prepared hard chromium coating is generally accompanied by microcracks, but has poor bonding force between the coating and the substrate, and cracking and peeling tend to occur during the service process. Due to the huge power consumption of electroplating, its profit margin has been repeatedly compressed. The waste gas and liquid waste produced in the production process also cause pollution to the environment. At present, the electroplating industry has become a sunset industry, subject to strict restrictions by the European Union, the United States, China and other countries’ industrial sectors. The high-speed laser cladding repair process does not involve chemical processes and is environmentally friendly. There are a wide variety of hard-surface coatings that can be used, including iron-based, nickel-based, and cobalt-based alloy coatings. The coatings prepared by this method have no defects and bond strength High, durability is much higher than electroplated coating. At present, high-speed laser cladding is the preferred technology to replace hard chromium electroplating.

Compared with the traditional repair process, high-speed laser cladding has 8 advantages.

1. Under the same power condition, the cladding area per unit time of high-speed laser cladding is 3 to 4 times that of traditional laser cladding.

2. The surface of high-speed cladding is fine and smooth, the cladding thickness is optional, and the surface finish is high performance.

3. The cladding layer and the substrate are metallurgically combined, and the bonding force is much better than traditional processes such as spraying and electroplating.

4. After high-speed laser cladding, the surface of the workpiece only needs simple grinding and polishing to produce the lens, without turning, the follow-up process is simple, and save metal powder.

5. Small heat input. High-speed cladding has a small heat input to the workpiece, and the workpiece has a small thermal deformation. It can be used to process thin-walled and small-sized parts.

6. Low dilution rate. The dilution rate can be controlled to be less than 3%, which can better maintain the high-quality performance of the cladding coating.

7. It can process non-ferrous metals. It is easy to realize surface strengthening of non-ferrous metal materials such as copper, aluminum and titanium. Especially suitable for research and analysis of non-ferrous metal characteristics.

8, Energy saving and environmental protection. There are no wastes in the high-speed cladding process, and it breaks many application limitations of conventional cladding, and has a wide range of popularization and application fields. It is currently a relatively feasible and cash alternative to electroplating.

SENFENG high-speed laser cladding machine is an high-speed laser repair equipment independently developed by SENFENG Laser. This machine tool can meet the coating manufacturing and rapid repair application requirements of various shaft parts with high efficiency, low cost, and green It is environmentally friendly and can prepare a strengthened layer with extremely low dilution rate and much higher bonding strength than electroplating. It is mainly used in coal mining, machinery manufacturing, printing industry, food industry and other fields.

The machine tool is mainly composed of a base part, a rotating spindle head, a tailstock, a column part, a beam part, a laser, a powder feeder, a high-speed cladding head, and a control system. The servo bus control system is adopted, and the worktable is made of high-strength and high-quality cast iron materials to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine tool. The high-speed rotating headstock adopts a continuously variable speed design, which is simple and quick to operate. It has a follow-up powder receiving tray design, which is convenient for quick powder collection. Independently developed high-power fiber lasers equipped with high-speed laser cladding heads and high-speed laser cladding nozzles, which can achieve high-efficiency and high-precision cladding processing of workpieces.

High-speed laser cladding system is a new technology, and the purchase price of equipment is higher than that of ordinary repair equipment. Early users need to bear more equipment purchase costs, in view of the high efficiency of high-speed laser cladding. For users with many workpieces and tight schedules, the economic benefits are significant. Generally, the equipment can pay back soon, and the subsequent benefits are considerable


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