Advantages of fibre laser cutting machines over wire cutting

Laser technology development so far the latest mainstream laser cutting equipment is mainly for fibre laser cutting machine, and at this stage CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for thick plate cutting, but can achieve the cutting of non-metallic materials. The former is mainly for the cutting of thin metal materials, the latter is used for thick plate cutting and non-metallic cutting (here on the non-metallic materials do not do the comparison). Laser cutting is mainly characterised by fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, low processing costs, compared with the traditional wire cutting advantages, the specific difference in which? Let’s explore together.
Line cutting: line cutting can only cut conductive substances, which limits its application, and in the cutting process requires cutting coolant. So some non-metallic materials such as leather and other less than point, afraid of water, afraid of cutting fluid pollution of the material is unable to achieve line cutting. Its advantage is that it can achieve a one-time moulding cutting of thick plate, but its cutting edge will be rough. The current wire cutting according to the application of wire type is divided into fast walking wire and slow walking wire, fast walking wire using molybdenum wire, can be realised for multiple cuts, slow walking wire using copper wire, can only be used once, of course, the copper wire is much cheaper than molybdenum wire. Another fast-wire equipment is much cheaper than the slow-wire equipment, the price of slow-wire equipment is about five to six times the price of fast-wire equipment.
Laser cutting with high energy density laser beam irradiation generated by the high temperature melting the cut material to achieve cutting. The metal material to be cut must not be too thick, otherwise the heat-affected zone may be too large, or even impossible to achieve cutting. The application of laser cutting covers a very wide area, to most of the metal only two can achieve cutting, and not subject to the shape of the limitations, the disadvantage is that it can only cut thin plate.
Wire cutting with molybdenum wire, electrified to produce high temperature cutting material to be cut, usually used to do moulds. Heat-affected zone is more uniform, smaller. Can achieve the cutting of thick plates, but the cutting speed is slow, can only cut conductive materials, application surface is small, because there are consumables, so the processing cost is higher compared to laser cutting.
The two have each other’s advantages, basically complement each other, but with the development of industrial demand, processing enterprises for large-volume production demand is increasing, which means that the higher the requirements for work efficiency, and thus in the metal cutting on the high-speed, high-quality, low-cost laser cutting process is more suitable for modern production needs, and wire cutting gradually lose competitiveness in the market.
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