Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Used in the Hardware Industry

The XT Laser Hardware Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Machine can be used to cut sheets and pipes

Fiber optic laser cutting machines have a very large customer base in the hardware industry, mainly processing thin metal sheets and pipes. Practice has proven that using fiber optic laser cutting machines for both sheet and pipe processing, as well as for large and small batch processing, has significant economic benefits.

Which industries are hardware applications in

Fiber laser cutting machine is a modern processing equipment with good economic benefits. It not only reduces the processing time of hardware products, but also makes significant progress in quality, which has long-term significance for the hardware processing industry. The hardware industry includes daily hardware, cooking utensils, agricultural machinery accessories, artisan tools, construction hardware, agricultural and forestry appliances, livestock and poultry parts, sanitary equipment, lighting fixtures, kitchen and bathroom hardware, luggage accessories, hardware handicrafts, hardware accessories, locks, hardware appliances, automotive and motorcycle accessories, stationery hardware, and other industries. The products used in these industries cover all aspects of our lives.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machines used in the hardware industry:

1. Good cutting quality, reducing labor costs

The fiber optic laser cutting machine utilizes the characteristics of non-contact laser processing, which does not damage the workpiece, and the cut product has no extrusion deformation. The processed product has good quality, no burrs, and does not require manual polishing, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures and optimizing worker labor intensity.

2. Save mold investment and reduce production costs

The fiber laser cutting machine can directly produce various hardware workpieces without mold, without mold consumption, without the need for repair and replacement of molds. It can save a large number of mold usage, save processing costs, and reduce production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

3. High precision, effectively improving productivity

Fiber laser cutting technology, as an alternative process to “shearing punching”, has the characteristics of high precision, flexibility, and efficiency. It can effectively process various complex parts. Simply prepare cutting graphics and import them into the control system to set dimensions for cutting, which helps directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle and effectively improve labor productivity.

4. Fast cutting speed, optimized working environment

The fiber laser cutting machine cuts quickly, with stable equipment, low noise, no dust, and does not produce harmful chemicals to the human body and environment. It is also a thoughtful protection for operators, ensuring a clean and tidy production site, reducing investment in the later stage, reducing pollution, and helping hardware enterprises promote the optimization of the working environment.

5. Low maintenance costs and high cost-effectiveness in the later stage

The maintenance of mechanical products is very expensive, while the fiber laser cutting machine has stable performance, durability, continuous operation, and is not easily damaged. It has great advantages in terms of maintenance costs in the later stage.

For hardware processing enterprises, the selection of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers is a very important aspect. Good manufacturers’ equipment can not only help enterprises produce better products, but also help enterprises control production costs and increase profits.

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