Advantages of Coil-fed Laser Cutting System for Processing Automotive Sheets

At present, lightweight is one of the current trends in automobile development, and to some extent, it is also a criterion for measuring the level of automobile development. High-strength steels, aluminum alloys, and composite materials have significant advantages in vehicle weight reduction, vehicle consumption reduction, and vehicle safety, so they are more and more widely used in vehicle production. In the face of the continuous use of new materials, the accelerated product update cycle, and the reduction of batch sizes, traditional uncoiling blanking lines have gradually been unable to keep up with the production needs of the automotive industry. Therefore, with its unique advantages, coil-fed laser cutting machine has become one of the most widely used and popular processing methods in automobile sheet processing.

In the traditional blanking production line for automobile sheets, there is a traditional general-purpose strip shearing equipment called flying shears. It greatly improves the cutting speed by tracking and shearing in the movement of the strip. However, because the cutter of the flying shear is straight, only rectangular and trapezoidal blanks can be obtained, and the scope of application is limited. In the existing laser cutting equipment, the cutting shape is not limited, but the sheet material is static during cutting, and the feeding and discharging cannot be performed at the same time, which affects the processing speed of the strip.

The coil fed laser cutting system ingeniously combines the working concepts of the above two equipment, that is, the laser cutting machine is used to follow the cutting of the strip during the movement of the strip. The purpose is to solve the problem of rapid blanking, to reduce the investment of blanking equipment, the cost of mold consumption, and to effectively improve the utilization rate of materials,which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

No Mold Blanking Required,Flexible Production

The highly flexible integrated coil fed laser cutter produces sheets without the aid of a tool. For the production needs of different shapes of sheet material, fast switching can be achieved only by pressing the button. Compared with traditional molds, fiber laser blanking system can save the time of mold replacement and the cost of mold storage and maintenance. For example, the production of each model previously required 12 dies, but now the coil fed laser cutter can reduce the production cost of new models by millions of dollars.

High Surface Quality and High Material Utilization

Taking aluminum alloy sheet as an example, the surface of aluminum alloy is very sensitive, so it is easy to produce aluminum chips and surface scratches during processing. However, the high precision and intelligence of the coil fed laser cutting machine can ensure that there is no burr and no aluminum chips during the processing of aluminum alloys, and at the same time, it can ensure the high quality of the surface of the aluminum sheet. For high-strength steels used in the automotive industry, the laser blanking system can easily cope with the processing requirements of various forms.

Optimize Production Process

The coil-fed laser cutting machine has a high flexibility in adjusting the parameters of the cut sheet. The laser cutting program can be flexibly customized and modified according to needs, and can be produced in small batches without molds. During mass production, the fiber laser blanking line can also easily realize functions such as modifying the blank parameters and replacing with new materials.

Senfeng coil-fed laser cutting system is based on the theme of smart factory and smart manufacturing. It consists of decoiler, blanking machine, laser cutting machine and automatic stacking device, and fully automates the feeding, conveying, cutting and unloading of the whole coil. It ensures the high quality, high efficiency and manpower saving characteristics of material processing. If you want to learn more details, please contact SENFENG.

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