A Guide To Buy The Best CNC Wood Lathe Machine

CNC wood lathe machines are applied to various cylindrical workpieces, bowl sharp, tubular sharp and vehicle wood crafts, various staircase column, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts, dining table legs, end table legs, sofa table legs, bar stool legs, Roman columns, general columns, washstand, wooden vases, wooden tables, baseball bats, car wooden furniture, children’s bed columns, chair arm posts, chair stretchers, sofa and bun feet, bed rails, lamp posts, baseball bats and so on.

1. If your work piece diameter is within 160-300mm, and you only need to make it to be a cylinder by turning. Then you can choose this model:

STL1530 CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine with Single Axis and Double Blades.

STL1530 single axis CNC wood lathe machine

This machine max processing diameter is 300mm, max processing length is 1500mm. It’s maily used for turning, and it can process one piece materail one time. 


Samples of CNC wood lathe machine

2. If your work piece diameter is smaller than 160mm, and you want to improve production efficiency, then you can choose this model:

STL1516-2 CNC lathe machine with double axis and four blades.

double axis CNC wood lathe and turning machine

Its max processing diameter is 160mm, max processing length is 1500mm. It’s also maily used for turning. but it can process two pieces materail one time.

3. The above two models only can turning, if you want to groving, twisting or carving, then we also have the following two models for your choose:

STL1530-S CNC wood turning lathe machine with spindle.

CNC wood lathe machine with spindle

This is our STL1530-S CNC wood turning lathe machine, it can installed with 3 axis spindle and 4 axis spindle. 

3 axis spindle can only carve on cylinder material, but 4 axis spindle can carve on Square columns, just like a CNC router spindle.

CNC wood lathe machine with 3 axis spindle samples:

projects of CNC wood lathe machine

CNC wood lathe machine with 4 axis spindle samples:

CNC lathe machine with 4 axis spindle samples

CNC wood lathe machine samples

How to choose tools for CNC wood lathes?

In the CNC machining process, the selection of tools is a very important link. Choosing the right tool can not only greatly improve the processing efficiency of the CNC lathe, but also improve the processing quality of the parts. Choosing the wrong tool will cause twice the result with half the effort, and even cause the parts to be scrapped. Compared with ordinary lathes, the spindle speed of CNC lathes is much higher, and it has a larger output power. Because of this, compared with the traditional machining process, CNC machining is more strict in the selection of tools. This rigor is mainly manifested in the accuracy, strength, rigidity and durability of the tool. In addition, the tools used in CNC lathes also need to have stable dimensions for easy installation and adjustment. This requires the tool to have a reasonable structure and standardized serialized geometric parameters. To improve the processing efficiency of CNC wood lathes, efficient and stable tools are one of the prerequisites. How to choose a tool? It mainly depends on the following aspects: the geometry of the machined part, the state of the material, the rigidity of the fixture and the selected tool.

1. The type, specification and precision grade of CNC tools should be able to meet the processing requirements of CNC wood lathes.

2. High precision. In order to meet the requirements of high precision and automatic tool change of CNC wood lathes, the tool must have high precision.

3. High reliability. In order to ensure that accidental tool damage and potential defects do not occur in CNC machining and affect the smooth progress of machining, it is required that the tool and the accessories combined with it must have good reliability and strong adaptability.

4. High durability. The durability of blades made of different materials is also different, such as: carbide blades, high-speed steel blades, diamond blades, etc. The tools of CNC lathes, whether in roughing or finishing, should have higher durability than those used in ordinary lathe processing, so as to reduce the number of replacement or grinding tools and tool setting, thereby improving the processing of CNC lathes. Efficiency and guaranteed processing quality.

5. Good chip breaking and chip removal performance. In CNC lathe processing, chip breaking and chip removal can not be handled manually like ordinary machine tools. The chips are easy to wrap around the tool and the workpiece, which will damage the tool and scratch the machined surface of the workpiece, and even cause injuries and equipment accidents. , which affects the processing quality and the safe operation of the machine tool, so the tool is required to have good chip breaking and chip removal performance.

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