A Customer From India Order Our Iron Worker Machine

In January 2023, we received an inquiry from Alibaba. An Indian customer asked an ironworker machine from us. I asked the customer’s thickness, size, and diameter of punching. The customer told me on time. He told me that he needs to flush the thin plate, but need to cut it and cut many different shapes of different shapes. Including, bending, notching, cutting, cutting H material, I material, and round sticks, and square sticks, including the size of different profiles, materials.
Finally, after we discussed with the technicians, we recommend the pressure of Q35Y-25 with 120t pressure to customers to customers. The customer is very satisfied after reading the model But the price of the machine is very expensive, the customer tells me that he does not have such a big budget to purchase such a large machine, Let me discuss it with the best price to customers,

iron worker machine
iron worker machine 3

The client told me that this is a prototype that produced them for testing.
If the first equipment test is perfect in the later period, the customer will purchase a large number of machines from our company. We are very happy to customers’ ideas, Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co, .dd. It always provides the best price, the most complete solution to the customer for customers After we discussed with the boss, we provided the final price to customers.

We make the better machines by gantry type machining center processed iorn woker machines, also all our machines adopt following best parts:  with motor Siemens electrics  Schneiders, seal ring Japan NOK.

The customer is very satisfied and promised to cooperate in the long term of the business each other We consider every business serious. We consider every customer as our VIP.So always we offer the best reasonable price to both you and us. A long business relationship is our target

Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co, .ltd with Better Price Than All of Our Main Competitors if you are working, Flexible Business Way Like Partial Financial Support Payment as Primapress Is very Strong in Our Industry and We Have Bigine Quality. So choose us if any questions about our machine, include price, after service , spare parts brand and so on, all of them will be meet it for each different customer!

iron worker machine 4
iron worker machine 5
iron worker machine 6
iron worker machine 7
iron worker machine

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