5 Applications for Hydraulic Press Brakes

The versatility and precision of hydraulic press brakes make them indispensable in numerous industries. Explore five applications for hydraulic press brakes to understand their wide-ranging capabilities.

What Is A Hydraulic Press Brake?

A hydraulic press brake is a type of machine in the metalworking industry that bends metal sheets and plates. The machine uses hydraulic pressure to force a punch (upper die) into a V-shaped die (lower die) and create bends in the metal, often with computerized controls (computer numeric control, or CNC). The precision, power, and efficiency of CNC hydraulic press brakes make them ideal for fabricating a variety of metal components.

What Kinds of Metal Can a Press Brake Bend?

Hydraulic press brakes can bend various types of metal, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and brass. The thickness of the metal a press brake bends depends on the machine’s tonnage capacity. Tonnage measures how much force the press brake can apply to the metal it bends.

What Industries Use Metal Parts Fabricated With Press Brakes?

Hydraulic press brakes are common across a broad spectrum of industries. Here are five applications for hydraulic press brakes and examples of the components they help us create:

Aircraft and Aerospace

In the aircraft and aerospace industry, press brakes help us form wing ribs, fuselage parts, and engine cowls. Their precision and reliability are critical in this high-stakes field.


Press brakes play a significant role in the automotive industry, forming parts such as car bodies, frames, fuel tanks, and exhaust systems.


In the appliance industry, we use press brakes to create components for refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens, including panels, doors, and brackets.

Construction and Railroads

In the construction industry, press brakes help us fabricate structural components like I-beams, joists, and metal decking. For the railroad industry, press brakes let us create rail tracks, carriage frames, and coupling systems.

Shipbuilding and Defense

Professionals in shipbuilding use press brakes to form hull plates, bulkheads, and deck components. In the defense industry, press brakes help us fabricate components for military vehicles, weaponry, and protective equipment.

The applications for hydraulic press brakes span various industries, making them vital for metal fabrication. Their ability to bend different types of metal makes them indispensable in the creation of countless components. Whether we use them for aircraft, cars, appliances, or medical supplies, hydraulic press brakes prove their worth time and time again.

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