4kw fiber laser cutter in electronic components

The consumption of electronic products is increasing at a rate of about 5% every year, including items such as smartphones, tablets and TVs. As the world becomes more and more digital and technological, the demand for the development of electronic components and products is increasing. Under fierce competition, manufacturers are looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce power consumption costs. From the perspective of all these factors, SENFENG LEIMING LASER recommend that you can use 4kw fiber laser cutter.

Why use metal laser cutting machine in this industry?

The biggest reason is that it can cut small and complex parts. The parts of electronic products are getting smaller and more refined. To have good quality, it is essential to get rid of traditional cutting methods that rely on the human eyes.  The metal laser cutting machine is digitally controlled by the computer.

1. The fiber laser cutting machine controls the cutting pattern by computer microsoft. Equipped with an intelligent cutting system, it can intelligently find edges and automatically locate, improve the utilization rate of plates, and reduce waste.

2. The cutting slit is narrow. Laser beam is focused into a small light spot, so that the focal point reaches a high power density, the material is quickly heated to the degree of vaporization, and the hole is formed by evaporation. With the relatively linear movement of the beam and the material, the hole is continuously formed with a narrow slit, and the width of the slit is from 0.10-0.20mm generally. The positioning accuracy is only 0.02mm, which ensures the high precision of cutting.

3. The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful. Roughness of surface is only tens of microns. Even metal laser cutting machine can be used as the last process, without mechanical processing, cutting workpiece can be used directly.

In terms of cutting capacity, the 4kw fiber laser cutter is a appropriate choice. It can meet the needs of thin metal processing and thick metal cutting. SENFENG LASER has rich production experience and sold in more than 100 countries and regions. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us.


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