4+1 Auto Stone CNC Bridge Saw for Sink Cutout In Countertop

It’s time to say goodbye to angle grinders. The era of automation in stone fabrication has arrived. Just design the shape you want, and a CNC bridge saw can automatically create personalized sink cutouts in granite, marble, and quartz countertops in minutes.

An automatic bridge saw can match almost every need for custom countertop cutouts for sinks and stoves with stone, and make the process with ease.

Whether you are a professional kitchen customizer, and have to create personalized sink cutouts or stove cutouts for countertops, or you are in the bathroom vanity customization business, and need to make a variety of unique vanity tops, a 4 axis CNC bridge saw is a great partner for stone cutouts with a seamless look. All you need to do is provide your individual drawings and dimensions for countertop cutouts.

If your custom stone countertops plan calls for angle cuts, an automatic CNC sink cutout machine can get you covered regardless whether you’re contemplating two 45-degree turns, a 90-degree angle or just about any other angle.

ST3220S-4A+1 is one upgraded model based on the 4 axis CNC bridge saw ST3220S-4A with an extra 6KW CNC spindle to achieve all types of coutertop cutting, as well as bathroom and kitchen sink, stove and faucet hole cutouts made of quartz, granite and marble. The spindle attachment cuts and drills just like it would on a CNC router, featuring with high speed, high precision and high quality.

Automatic Bridge Saw for Stone Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Cuts

4+1 Stone CNC Bridge Saw with Spindle for Sink Hole Cutout

Features of 4+1 Stone CNC Bridge Saw with Spindle for Sink Hole Cutout

• The spindle speed is 24,000rpm/min when milling corners, and the saw blade speed is 6,000rpm/min when cutting. They can work alternately without interfering with each other.

• All parts and accessories come from high-precision CNC machining centers after tempering treatment, ensuring the overall accuracy of the machine.

• The main frame and gantry structure are welded with high-quality steel and tempered to ensure that the machine will not produce stress deformation during long-term use.

• High-precision ball screws and square guide rails, X and Y-axis oil-immersed lubrication, and effective waterproof and dust-proof structures make cutting more accurate and maximize service life.

• The bridge saw blade can rotate 90° and tilt 45°, which is suitable for chamfer cutting.

• The independent workbench can tilt up to 85° vertically, making loading easier and safer.

• ST3220S-4A+1 CNC sink cut out machine comes with infrared rays to position the workpiece for precise cutting.

• Professional customized control system, built-in CAM software, intelligent recognition of CAD drawings, easy to learn and use.

• Compact structure, small footprint and no need for ground foundation.

Automatic Bridge Saw for Stone Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Cuts

Workbench tilting degree from 0 to 85°.

Automatic Bridge Saw for Stone Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Cuts

Saw blade with CNC spindle.

STYLECNC Automatic CNC Controller

STYLECNC CNC controller is user-friendly and easy to use, eliminating the need to go back to the origin for fast cutting.

Automatic Bridge Saw motor

15KW blade motor with high-efficiency and large torque capacity.

Driving motor

1500W servo motor for driving with max 60m/min speed.

Autoamtic blade measure

Tool sensors help measure blade diameter.

Automatic positioning

Automatic calibration helps straighten materials easily.

Technical Parameters of 4+1 Stone CNC Bridge Saw with Spindle for Sink Hole Cutout

Working Area3200mm x 2000mm x 400mm
GuideY-AxisTaiwan 30#
X-AxisTaiwan 30#
Z-AxisTaiwan 30#
Work TableStructureSquared Timber, rubber for choose
Tilting Angle0-85°
Reverse Weight800KG
Saw BladeSize350mm or 400mm
Maximum Thickness60mm or 80mm
Saw Blade Motor15KW
ControllerSTYLECNC CAM Controller Software
Air Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Voltage380V/3P/50HZ or 220V/3P/60HZ
Machine Size5350mm x 3200mm x 2500mm
Machine weight3500KG
OptionsAutomatic Suction Cup Moving Plate
Camera Vision System

Applications of Automatic Bridge Saw for Stone Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Cuts

4 axis automatic bridge saw combined with a spindle is suitable for horizontal cutting, vertical cutting, 45 degree oblique cutting, round, oval, special-shaped layout and other functions. It can easily cut through granite, quartz, slate, ceramic tile, marble and other stone materials.

ST3220S-4A+1 is typically used in the industrial manufacturing of kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bar island counters, coffee table surfaces, stone table tops, and other stone countertops.

The whole process is automatically and environmental friendly, creating a dust-free workshop.

ST3220S-4A+1 aims to solve the problem of time-consuming, labor-intensive and high-cost high-end technology in the production process of stone countertops.

Automatic Bridge Saw for Stone Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Cutout Projects

Automatic Bridge Saw for Stone Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Cutout Projects

Automatic Bridge Saw for Stone Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Cutouts

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