4 Advantages of Tube Laser Cutting Machine in Lighting Industry

The tube laser cutting machine has powerful functions and easy process various  metal tube materials including square tubes, round tubes, cutting grooves and end processing of tube structures. As an advanced production tool, the tube laser cutting machine is controlled by a computer program, and with good flexibility, it largely replaces the die stamping link in the sheet metal processing process, optimizes the production process, and optimizes the production process. It  plays an irreplaceable role in many different metal tube processing industry.


As an advanced processing method, the tube laser cutting machine is gradually entering the tube processing market. The tube laser cutting machine has four advantages in cutting lampshade tubes, looking the follow details:

1.The laser tube cutting machine  with small heat-affected zone, and there is almost no thermal deformation. The non-oxidation can produce high-quality and more common parts, which is particularly beneficial for subsequent active welding.

2. With high cutting precision, and the high scale precision. The cutting surface is flat and clean, there is no burr, and the pipe loss is small.

3. With different power to fit different cutting demands,.Pipe processing range 6000mm* φ10~220mm (square tube: 10*10-150*150mm).The standard pipe length is 6 meters, and the traditional processing method requires a very clumsy clamping. Laser processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters of pipe, which makes batch processing possible.

4, The metal pipe laser cutting machine adopts computer control machine, which is also one of the advantages of the tube laser cutter . First of all, to ensure accuracy and flexibility, the laser cutting tube processing skills can process any shape that has been programmed, and can complete the cutting in any direction. The shape of the template can be changed quickly without any assistance. The design plan can be revised within one minute without affecting the entire production process, the greater advantage is that the end user can control the production of short or medium pipes without having to make a lot of templates, which can be faster respond to customer needs, providing the possibility to complete personalized customization.

 pipe laser cutting machine

The metal pipe laser cutting machine is used in the manufacture of metal lighting. In addition to reducing part of the labor effort, it can also carry out steps such as engraving and beveling in the processing and production. The most important thing is that the pipe processed by the laser pipe cutting machine does not need to be processed again. This process can directly use these parts in the next process, which virtually saves a lot of useless work. For some small manufacturers, the laser pipe cutting machine requires a lot of investment in the early stage. However, one piece of equipment can do the work of several people, can run the work 24 hours a day, and can complete the cutting requirements with high efficiency and high precision. It is worthy of long-term investment.

The pipe laser cutting machine includes pipe drilling, cutting, grooving and other processes, as well as processing various intersecting line shapes at the end of the pipe structure. Commonly used are mechanical cutting, punching and advanced laser tube cutting. Regarding the situation where the batch is not large, the first choice of mechanical cutting methods, such as turning, milling, circular saw cutting, grinding wheel cutting, etc., the primary problem is low production power and high environmental pollution.


In summary, tube fiber laser cutting equipment has the characteristics of fast, efficient, flexible, and low-cost, which can improve product development and design capabilities. These advantages open the door of opportunities for product designers and broaden the scope of design. So many innovative features make the tube fiber laser cutting machine gain important advantages in the market competition.


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