3D Robot Laser Cutting Machine Contributes to Efficient Production in the Automotive Industry

At present, the laser cutting process is very mature and widely used in various industries. Laser cutting is divided into 2D laser cutting and 3D laser cutting. In industrial manufacturing, 3D laser cutting machine is the trend of laser intelligent processing. It combines the latest fiber laser technology and various six-axis or seven-axis robot technologies to achieve high-speed and high-precision cutting or welding in three-dimensional space. In many industrially developed countries in Europe and the United States, most parts are processed by 3D laser cutting machines.

3D laser cutting equipment can perform multi-angle, multi-directional flexible and intelligent processing of metal sheets of different thicknesses. It meets the metal cutting and welding needs of various manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automobile ships, machinery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising production, household appliance manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware, decoration, and metal external processing services. Among them, the automobile manufacturing industry is one of the most widely used fields of 3D laser cutting technology.

Because of the high degree of flexibility of 3D laser cutting, under normal circumstances, a set of PG processing molds can only be used for one process of one workpiece, while 3D laser cutting can be used for any process of any workpiece. When the workpiece product changes, such as the change of curved surface, trimming and hole, it only needs to change the offline program of laser cutting. Because the tooling fixture used is relatively simple, it is also convenient to change the tooling fixture. Therefore, 3D laser cutting has greater flexibility, which can reduce the investment in PG processing molds and shorten the sample trial period. As 3D laser cutting machines become more and more mature, the processing accuracy and processing speed will inevitably improve. At that time, the application of 3D laser cutting systems will become more and more extensive.

As far as the automobile manufacturing industry is concerned, the application of 3D laser cutting technology has driven industrial upgrading. As far as the entire manufacturing industry is concerned, 3D laser cutting technology drives the manufacturing industry towards intelligence. As the demand for laser cutting machines continues to grow, the laser 3D cutting industry has grown from scratch, from point to surface, from the initial scale to the popular application now. 3D laser cutting machines not only have unlimited potential in the automobile manufacturing market, but also show amazing explosive power in other application fields.

From aerospace to automobiles, civil machinery, from steel structures to automatic welding, from hardware to daily necessities… all kinds of drawing parts need to use 3D laser cutting machine technology. This is a good proof that it is widely concerned by the industry and can develop rapidly. Because of its high precision, high speed, and high flexibility, it effectively solves the “pain points” of 3D modeling. 3D laser cutting technology will lead the manufacturing industry to change from the plane-based bending, cutting and welding process to the three-dimensional modeling, so as to achieve the purpose of one-time forming, reducing procedures, reducing costs and improving performance.

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