3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with IPG Laser Source

Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of metal automatic cutting tool that uses fiber laser generator as laser source and optical fiber as transmission medium. Fiber laser cutter features with high photoelectric conversion rate, short wavelength and lossless energy transmission. The three features make it with the advantages of low technical threshold, high cutting speed, and low cost of use, which is very suitable for sheet metal fabrication applications. But it also has some minor problems, such as the inability to process non-metals, the damage of light to the eyes, and the poor quality of the notch. These shortcomings limit its application range, but they can be solved by other technical means. For now, the positioning of the fiber laser cutting system is to cut metal parts in an environmentally friendly and fast manner.

Now that the positioning of the fiber laser cutting machine is clear, how to choose the fiber laser? Although there are several famous fiber laser brands in the world, it is IPG laser that can occupy the main market in the world for a long time. At present, most of the major manufacturers have selected IPG lasers, mainly considering their stable performance and excellent after-sales service capabilities. IPG lasers are worthy of their market position. Its superior performance brings a steady stream of profits to the enterprise. Its good stability escorts the delivery of products. Its timely after-sales service provides high-quality technical support for the problems you encounter.

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