3 Axis CNC Machine for MDF Board Cutting

STYLECNC’s 3 axis CNC machine is equipped with automatic tool changer, it can install 16pcs different CNC bits for carving and cutting on MDF board, 3 axis CNC machine is suitable for MDF furniture processing.

With the advancement of science and technology, automation has penetrated into all walks of life, and every industry is developing towards automation. In the CNC industry, the automatic tool changer kit is another step towards automation. Using the CNC router with automatic tool changer can solve the problem of manual tool change during multi-process cutting in the past. The whole process is automatically completed with the automatic tool changer, greatly reducing the input of personnel, and also improving production efficiency. So what are the advantages and features of ATC CNC router?

1. Split keyboard control: simple, convenient, and easy-to-learn split keyboard operation, users can quickly and flexibly master the use of the device, and are more independent.

2. Advanced CNC control system, intelligent processing cross-border protection function: prevent mechanical collision caused by the design layout exceeding the processing range. Intelligent processing speed control: The processing speed can be controlled separately, which can really improve the processing efficiency, prolong the tool life and improve the yield.

3. The dust suction and adsorption device can suck away wood chips and debris during the processing, and maintain the equipment in a disguised form to keep the workbench clean; the adsorption system replaces the previous mechanical plate fixing, which improves the loading and unloading time of the plate outside of processing .

4. Advanced file preprocessing function helps users to correct errors in processing files in time, and can be well compatible with processing codes generated by various software (such as Mastercam, Typ3, UG, Artcam, Caxa). Advanced 3D curve prediction algorithm, the broken line is smooth, ensuring the speed and accuracy of curve running.

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