2mm Stainless Steel Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Tube Cutting Machine Applications

Metal tube/pipe diameter: ≤200mm.

Metal tube/pipe cutting thickness: ≤8mm (Mild Steel).

Metal tube/pipe type: round, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, circular tubes and other special tubes.

It is used in fitness equipment, sporting goods, oil pipelines, engineering machinery, bus manufacturing, locomotive manufacturing, agricultural and forestry machinery, special vehicles, household appliances manufacturing, laser external processing services and other machinery manufacturing and pipe processing industries.

Pros & Cons

Small Footprint

The length, width and height of the equipment are only: 11m × 2m × 2.8m.

Optimized electronic control design, high equipment integration, streamlined site.

Large Processing Range

Round tube 15-220mm, square tube 15-150mm.

Oval pipe, channel steel, angle steel, I-beam and some special-shaped pipes.

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