25 Best Punch Press Machine Manufacturers and Factories

The sheet metal fabrication industry has transformed exponentially over the years, making strides in technology and application. At the core of this transformation lies a range of efficient machinery. Among these, punch presses hold a significant place. These machines, paramount for stamping and forming metal, play an instrumental role in ensuring that industries, from aerospace to automobiles, have the necessary components to operate efficiently. Let’s delve into the world of some renowned punch press manufacturers and understand their significance in the industry.


Founded in 1917 by Yokei Aida, Aida is a Tokyo-based company revered as a trailblazer in the hydraulic press industry. The brand is synonymous with high-performance mechanical and servo stamping presses, with capacities ranging from 30 to 4,000 tons, operating at speeds between 1 and 1,500 strokes/min.

Main industries served:

  • Automobiles
  • Home Appliances
  • Medical Treatment
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics

The company boasts a formidable sales and service network that spans across 20 countries. A testament to its success is the installation of over 80,000 press machines worldwide, marking a significant footprint in the hydraulic press industry.


Founded in Japan in 1946, Amada has had a storied history. By 1971, the enterprise established its American subsidiary, Amada America, in Seattle, Washington. However, by 1973, they had relocated their headquarters to Buena Park, California. Today, with over 30,000 machines in operation worldwide, Amada stands as a testament to quality and innovation in the realm of turret punch press technology.

Their machines are not only versatile but also adept at tasks like tapping, forming, marking, and even bending. Features such as Electric Drive Systems and the option of an Automatic Tool Changer further enhance their capabilities. At the heart of these machines is a thick turret constructed from a unique cast iron alloy, ensuring wear resistance and unsurpassed punching precision. The 120mm thick turret only underscores its efficiency.

Moreover, their automated punching system, complete with a 33-ton turret punch press, is a game-changer. It boasts an impressive high-capacity tool rack, alongside an automatic tool changer. What’s more, it can house a staggering 300 tools and 600 dies, making it perfect for diverse production needs.

AjaxCECO Erie Press

The legacy of AjaxCECO Erie Press dates back to 1875, with its roots firmly planted in the US. The company underwent significant transformations, with acquisitions in 1996 and 2018 reshaping its identity.

Product Line:

  • Forging machinery
  • Coil processing equipment
  • Metalforming equipment

AjaxCECO’s offerings are a testament to its commitment to cater to a wide spectrum of needs in the industry, making it an important factor in the punch press landscape.


Founded in 1988, Accurl carved its niche as one of the pioneer manufacturers in the sheet metal working machinery sector in China. More than a mere manufacturer, Accurl exudes dynamism and lean operation, constantly pushing the boundaries through continuous R&D investments. This commitment has translated into an ability to craft custom automated cutting and bending solutions, tailored to exact needs.

  • Notably, Accurl’s 30-ton punch press sets it apart. This machine is equipped with advanced REXROTH AC Servo drive technology, promising high-speed operations, remarkable precision, energy savings, and significantly reduced noise.
  • Its REXROTH MTX Series CNC Controller unit ensures a user-friendly experience, streamlining operations and making them more intuitive.
  • With the REXROTH CNC Servo system, the RAM stroke distance at both ends can be controlled with a precision unmatched by competitors, boasting an accuracy of 0.01mm.
  • Their full electro RAM Servo Transmission System is designed for optimized performance, suitable for processing sheets sized 1250x2500mm.
  • The 32 Station turret, inclusive of 2B Auto-index stations, ensures versatility and efficiency.
  • Keeping in mind the constant challenges faced in the sheet metal fabrication industry, Accurl emphasizes energy efficiency. The servo control punching machine’s unique design eliminates the need for mineral oil.
  • Using RADAN® Software, the operations of wheel and forming tools have been simplified.
  • The integration of the Industry 4.0 of Productivity Monitor ensures manufacturers stay abreast of the latest technological advancements in manufacturing.
  • Further fortifying its capabilities, the Accurl turret is not only compatible with thick turret tooling but also boasts of stations ranging from 32 to 52, with up to 4 auto indexing stations.

Chin Fong

Established by Ji Jinbiao in 1948, Chin Fong, located in Changhua, Taiwan, is not just a significant player on the island but has made its mark globally. With its ISO9001 certification in 1994, Chin Fong upholds a reputation for quality and precision.


  • Taiwan’s largest forging machinery manufacturer.
  • Ranked fourth-largest globally.
  • Notable customers include automotive giants like Toyota, Mazda, and Isuzu.

Chin Fong’s dedication to quality and precision positions it as a benchmark in the punch press machines sector, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Dye TPE stands at the forefront of punch press innovation, underpinned by its commitment to structural integrity and technological advancements. Its rigid closed box construction promises minimized deformation, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

Highlights of DYE:

  • Incorporation of direct drive servo motor technology, negating the dependency on hydraulics.
  • Significant energy & maintenance savings, up to 50%, when compared with hydraulic counterparts.
  • Impressive punching speeds reaching up to 1500 strokes per minute.


Established in the year 1962, SEYI has risen to be a global punch equipment manufacturer. They pride themselves on offering a diverse range of products, with tonnage varying from 25 to 4000. SEYI has major operational bases both in Taiwan and mainland China.

  • Specialties: Wide tonnage range, broad operational base, long-standing industry presence.
  • Relevance: In the domain of hydraulic stamping presses and punching machines, SEYI stands as a paragon of quality.

SMS Group

Going back to its inception in 1871, the SMS Group is more than just a name; it’s a legacy. Operating as a multinational corporation, this giant supplies machinery not just for the steel realm but also for non-ferrous metals and plastics processing. Their extensive product range encompasses everything from metallurgical equipment to forging and plastic processing machinery.

  • Specialties: Diversity in machinery, international reach, deep industry roots.
  • Relevance: Their presence in the hydraulic press industry and expertise in press machines make them a formidable player.


Since 1949, STAMTEC has made its mark as a global press manufacturer. Their success story is echoed by the impressive sales of over 60,000 printing presses worldwide. With factories spread across the US, Taiwan, China, and Mexico, their reach is both deep and extensive.

  • Specialties: Wide distribution of factories, vast sales figures, diversified operational bases.
  • Relevance: Mechanical punch presses and stamping press manufacturing are among their strongholds.


US-based SUTHERLAND PRESSES, established in 1946, specializes in delivering mechanical presses that can exert up to 2,500 tons. Their products are known for adhering to the rigorous JIS First Class standards.

  • Specialties: High tonnage mechanical presses, adherence to industry standards.
  • Relevance: Their name resonates in the realms of mechanical stamping presses and the hydraulic press industry.


HWAIL PRESS is a beacon of pride for Korea, holding the distinction of being the nation’s first stamping machinery manufacturer since its inception in 1961. Its versatile standard line presses range includes C-Frame, Semi-H, H-Frame presses, and other specialty presses.


JIER, founded in 1937, stands tall as China’s premier forging equipment manufacturer. Its achievement of the ISO9001 certification in 2000 underscores its dedication to quality and precision.

Product offerings include:

  • Forging machinery
  • CNC metal cutting equipment
  • Automation equipment

With its comprehensive range, JIER ensures its customers have the tools required for precision, efficiency, and productivity in the sheet metal fabrication industry.


A relatively newer entrant, Koatsu, founded in 1994, has quickly established itself as a force to reckon with in the punch press realm. The company specializes in producing both small and large presses, catering to various types of sheet metal processing requirements.


Having its roots in China since 1953, World is a brand that specializes in metal forming and forging equipment. Their influence is not restricted to China alone, as they have sales and service institutions dispersed throughout the country and also export to various global regions.

  • Specialties: Extensive metal forming expertise, wide regional influence.
  • Relevance: Their prowess in power presses and sheet metal machinery is well-recognized.


With its foundation laid in 1951 in China, Xuduan offers comprehensive heat treatment equipment. They take pride in their strong national sales and service network.

  • Specialties: Comprehensive heat treatment solutions, strong national presence.
  • Relevance: Their contribution to the hydraulic press industry and punch press machines is commendable.


Established in 1958 and operating as a subsidiary of Schuler, Germany, Yadon specializes in an array of forming equipment. This includes mechanical press, high-speed punch, and hot forging equipment. Boasting of over 940 employees, they have sculpted a global marketing and service network.

  • Specialties: Diverse forming equipment, global marketing, and service network.
  • Relevance: In the stamping press manufacturers’ arena, Yadon stands tall with its mechanical press offerings.


Starting its journey in 1966, Yangli is one of China’s largest metal forming equipment manufacturers. Their product range is vast, encapsulating power presses, CNC punches, shearing machines, and even specialized equipment for the automobile industry.

  • Specialties: Wide product range, specialized automobile industry equipment.
  • Relevance: Their name is synonymous with quality in the realm of CNC punching and sheet metal fabrication.


A name synonymous with precision and efficiency, LVD offers both turret punch press and single head punching machines. The company’s global presence is noteworthy, with over 180 skilled field service engineers spread across more than 45 countries.

Their dedication to skill development is evident with over 5500 hours of annual training. To date, they have installed over 40,000 machines and have service centers dotting North America, Europe, and Asia.


Hailing from Taiwan, TAILIFT has made a mark as the country’s top manufacturer of sheet metal working machines. Apart from being known for their prowess in industrial machinery, they also have a reputation in the forklift trucks sector.

Their CNC turret punch presses are particularly remarkable, capable of handling work sizes up to 4980mm. Such products are the go-to choice for those in the aerospace industry, especially when precision enclosures and control cabinets are involved.


TRUMPF’s TruPunch machines are all about flexibility. They can seamlessly punch, tap, or even reform metal parts. One of the standout features is the punching head’s ability to rotate tools in any angular position. To bolster productivity, they have also embedded intelligent automation options.


Situated in Jiangdu, Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co., Ltd is a specialist when it comes to flat plate processing machines. Their offerings range from CNC turret punches to bending machines, laser cutting machines, and plate shearing machines.

With a numerical control rate of over 90%, they position their products in the middle, offering complete package solutions for medium flat plate and coil processing.


Steeped in a rich lineage, MURATEC MOTORUM inherits the proud tradition of the Wiedemann Machine Company. In 1989, a significant merge occurred when MURATEC amalgamated with Wiedemann, fortifying its position in the sheet metal machinery sector.

Their flagship MOTORUM Series has been an industry hallmark, primarily due to its MURATEC-original ram drive. This drive boasts a toggle mechanism, distinctively propelled by a servo-motor.

Key features and achievements:

  • World’s first pioneer of servo-motor-driven NC turret punch press.
  • A staunch lineage tracing back to the Wiedemann Machine Company.
  • Notable leadership in the sheet metal machinery domain post-merger with Wiedemann.


As we delve deeper into the world of punch press manufacturers, PRIMA POWER emerges with its state-of-the-art servo-electric punching technology. This brand exemplifies the seamless amalgamation of energy-saving techniques with ergonomic designs.

PRIMA POWER’s distinctions:

  • Usage of numerically controlled, servo-electric axes ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Boasts a large tool capacity, wide tool range, and facilitates easy setup modifications.
  • Meticulously engineered to deliver a blend of accuracy and heightened productivity.

Tommy Industrial

Tommy Industrial® isn’t just another name in the hydraulic press industry. It has carved its niche as a leading supplier of a diverse range of machinery in North America. From hydraulic ironworkers to gear hobbing machines, their products symbolize quality and safety.

Characteristics of Tommy Industrial’s punch press:

  • Employs a German SIEMENS numerical control system.
  • Structurally robust with a fully welded framework ensuring high strength and rigidity.
  • Rapid positioning of the X and Y axes due to Ac servo motors for three axes drive.
  • Compatibility with CAD/CAM automatic programming systems like JakSoft.
  • Notable Nominal Force of 33.72 Ton.
  • Especially beneficial for SMBs, offering cost-effectiveness.


A global name in the CNC machine domain, the Haco Group, is not just a manufacturer; it’s an institution. Renowned for its professional service organization, Haco promises swift responses from its local branches. Even for equipment that has been in service for over two decades, Haco’s support remains unwavering. While initially gaining recognition for sheet metal and woodworking machines, Haco’s expansive repertoire today spans far beyond.

  • The Haco Q3/Q4 CNC turret punching machine is a testament to the brand’s innovation. With a high-speed servo hydraulic punching head, either 22 or 30 tons, and sheet dimensions of 2000 x 1500 mm, it’s a powerhouse in its own right.
  • Rotation axis for all tools and large fully-brushed sheet support tables paired with standard repositioning cylinders make the process of handling standard sheet sizes a breeze.


The sheet metal fabrication industry has witnessed significant evolution, driven by advancements in machinery, of which punch presses remain pivotal. Renowned manufacturers such as Aida, Chin Fong, and Accurl, among others, have made indelible marks in the domain, producing state-of-the-art machinery that powers sectors from aerospace to electronics.

Their dedication to precision, innovation, and efficiency ensures that the needs of the ever-evolving industry are consistently met. As the demand for more intricate and precise metal components grows across industries, the role of these manufacturers in shaping the future of sheet metal fabrication becomes ever more significant.

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