20kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Contributes to The Development of Laser Industry

With many advantages such as “low cost, high efficiency and wide application”, laser processing technology has become an important supporting technology for national industrial transformation and upgrading, and the application of 20kw laser processing technology has further broadened and upgraded the application fields of laser processing.

According to the analysis of China’s steel industry consumption, the steel industry is mainly used in construction, machinery, automobiles, energy, followed by shipbuilding and home appliances. Traditional medium thickness plate processing with plasma cutting and flame cutting, water cutting, wire cutting, processing methods, such as common dimension precision is poor, thermal effects, slot width, waste materials, and 20kw fiber laser cutter can make up for the deficiency of traditional way of cutting, especially over the development of laser cutting, solved the previous laser cutting in thick plate cutting constraints, has been more and more sheet metal processing terminal users.

In addition to its unique advantages in thick plate cutting, 20kw laser equipment is also extremely powerful in processing high-precision parts. For the same gear workpiece, plasma cutting generated by the high temperature will make the gear sharp angle passivation, cutting end face rough not smooth, low precision, the need for milling machine to round Angle gear secondary finishing gear into a sharp angle gear; 20kw fiber laser cutter can be cut out at one time, and smooth section, can meet the aerospace, power equipment, petroleum equipment, automotive manufacturing and other industries high precision requirements.

For complex graphics, traditional processing methods can hardly be completed at one time, which requires the combination of multiple equipment and processes to be processed, and the results are often not satisfactory. However, the flexible laser technology can process any graphics with a single device, and the speed and effect surpass the traditional processing method.

Traditional processing technology requires the use of molds, tools to assist processing, limited part of the graphics processing, can not be formed once; However, laser machining is highly flexible and can process arbitrary graphics. The product design can be modified at any time according to customer requirements, and the processing quality is high. If you want to know more about our 20kw fiber laser cutting machine, please contact Senfeng.

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