2023 Mini Desktop Laser Engraver Cutting Machine for Sale

STJ6040 desktop laser engraver (desktop laser cutter) with CO2 laser tube is a hobby laser with tabletop and benchtop design for small business or home business, which is used to etch, engrave and cut signs, logos, letters, numbers, patterns on wood, plywood, MDF, cardboard, leather, fabric, plastic, acrylic, rubber, glass, paper. Now the 2023 best budget mini desktop laser cutting and engraving machine for sale at cost price.

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2023 Mini Desktop Laser Engraver Cutting Machine for Sale

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Desktop laser cutter

Do you have DIY desktop laser engraver or desktop laser cutter plans or need to buy an affordable desktop laser engraving cutting machine for wood, plywood, metal, cardboard, dieboard, fabric, chipboard, textile, leather, paper, plastic, acrylic, foam, rubber, MDF, ABS, EPM, PE, PUR, PVB, PVC, PES, PUR, PMMA or PTFE? Check out the 2020 new desktop laser engraver buying guide as follows, we’ll offer you 2020 best desktop laser engraving cutting machines with custom laser engraving cutting service to fit your 2D/3D laser engraving cutting projects, ideas and plans.

Desktop laser engraver

What Is Desktop Laser Engraver Cutting Machine?

Desktop Laser engraver cutting machine with CO2 laser tube can interface with a computer, allowing the user to lay out a design, insert type and scale the art as needed. If properly set up, the machine can execute a design perfectly, and repeat the process as many times as needed. Desktop laser cutter and engraver can work on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, paper and galvanized aluminum. The process is fairly quick and requires knowledge but not a great deal of skill, even though the level of detail and precision in the output may be at a very high level. A desktop laser engraver is also known as desktop laser cutter, benchtop laser engraver, benchtop laser cutter, tabletop laser engraver, tabletop laser cutter, desktop laser engraver cutter, desktop laser cutter engraver, desktop laser engraving cutting machine, desktop laser cutting engraving machine.

Desktop CO2 laser cutter

In contrast, traditional engraving is done with small hand held engraving tools, all of which must be carefully sharpened. Hand engraving is slow and exacting. Its done exclusively on metal. Laying out an image, with or without decorations or type, is tedious and difficult. Often, a laser engraver must practice for years to perfect his craft. But although the work is difficult, the results can be beautiful, whether as simple as an engraved wedding band or as complex and delicate as the portrait of George Washington on a dollar bill. The line quality is superior because hand tools can be controlled so well. So a desktop laser engraver cutter machine can make thick lines, thin lines, heavy lines and incredibly fine lines.

Desktop CO2 laser engraver

In a nutshell, desktop laser engraver (desktop laser cutter) is cheap, capable, flexible and work well with computers. Traditional engraving is a difficult craft to master and more limited in its uses.

Desktop laser engraver cutter machine

Technical Parameters of Mini Desktop Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

Laser power40W/60W
Laser typeCO2
Power supplyAC 220V/110V
Working area600*400 mm
Engraving speed0-600mm/s
Cutting speed0-600 mm/s
Locating precision<0.01 mm
Min shaping characterCharacter: 2*2mm, Letter: 1*1mm
Resolution ratio≤2000dpi
Data transfer interfaceUSB 2.0
System environmentWindows
CoolingWater Cooling
Graphic Format SupportedBMP, JPEG, PLT, CDR, AI, TIFF, PCX, DIB, TIF
Compatible softwareCorelDraw, Photoshop

Applications of Mini Desktop Laser Cutter Engraving Machine

Applicable industries

Cloth, leather, toys, computer embroidery cutting, mould, crafts, bamboo and wood, advertising and building decoration, packaging and printing, paper products industries.

Applicable materials

Acrylic, color plates, ABS board, rubber, plastic, cloth toys, leather, wool, crystal, glass, ceramic tile, jade, bamboo, wood.

Applications of Desktop Laser Cutter Engraving Machine

Features of Mini Desktop Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

1. Modern smart design. Put on table and work easily.

2. Stronger frame together with HIWIN square rail, high accuracy.

3. Transparent acrylic watching door, easy checking work process.

4. Independent laser tube cabinet, protect tube and easy change.

5. Stainless steel comb working table, avoid rust.

6. Red cross point offers the highest accuracy position.

7. High efficiency tube with stable laser path. 40-90W life time reach to 4000-10000 hours.

8. Professional motion control card offers continue fast curve cutting together with shortest path selection. Shorten work time.

9. U-disk offline operation makes work convenient.

CO2 Glass Laser Tube: 50W/60W

50W/60W laser tube is able to do nice engraving on most non-metals: wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic, cloth, leather, glass, marble/stone, plastic, bamboo, double-color sheet, rubber, PVC.

50W/60W laser tube can also be used for cutting thin non-metals: 5mm acrylic, 3mm wood and bamboo, 3mm MDF, cloth, leather, rubber, PVC.

RD Controller and Operation Display

Graphics and files can be transferred both via cable or USB flash.

CO2 Glass Laser Tube, RD Controller and Operation Display

Laser Head

Laser head for desktop laser cutter

Laser power supply
supply power for laser tube, ensuring laser tube stable working.

Laser power supply

Belt transmission with Taiwan linear guide rails

Belt transmission with Taiwan linear guide rails

Anodized aluminum blades table

It is used for holding hard materials or items, such as wood, acrylic, stone, glass, book, box, etc.

Anodized aluminum blades table

Alternative honeycomb table

It is used for holding soft materials, like cloth, leather, tower, foam, sponge, paper, etc.

Alternative honeycomb table

Stepper motors
Stepper motor is with ratio gear to get smoother cutting curve.

Stepper motors for desktop laser cutter

Water cooling system
Water pump for laser tube cooling, protecting the laser tube from high temperature, and lasting laser tube lifetime.

Water cooling system for desktop laser cutter/laser engraver

Air compressor

Air compressor blowing compressed air to laser head, cooling the item/material being engraved/cut.

Air compressor for desktop laser cutter/laser engraver

Precision drivers

Precision drivers for desktop laser cutter

Machine rear socket

Convenient connection for air compressor and water cooling system.

Machine rear socket for desktop laser cutter

Three layers for desktop laser engraving cutting machine table
There are 3 layers for installing the machine table. You can choose different layers to put the machine table according your product/item height/thickness.

Three layers for desktop laser cutting/engraving machine table

Projects of Mini Desktop Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Projects of Desktop Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Package of Mini Desktop Laser Cutter Engraving Machine

Package of Desktop Laser Cutter & Desktop Laser Engraver

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