2023 Best Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Sale

2023 best small desktop CNC milling machine is used for deep milling on metal, such as aluminum, brass, copper and other soft metal materials. Now the best desktop CNC mill for sale at cost price.

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2023 Best Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine for Sale

Product Details

Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine

Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine Features

1. Linear rails on X, Y and Z (Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission) axes and linear rails are used to guarantee high accuracy and stable performance, and support heavy weight.

2. High-power spindle is used. It’s a good choice for doing works on small molds when machining center is not good at it.

3. Applicatin of driver with high definition subdivision ensures fast speed and high accuracy.

3. Table moving structure and cast iron safeguards strong stability and support. 

4. Compatible with many CAD/CAM software, such as Type3, Artcam, Wentai, etc.

5. CNC controller enables easy and convenient operation, which makes end users to be familiar with the operation of the machine quickly.

Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine Configurations

1. CE certification.

2. Working area:600*600*200mm.

3. 2.2kw water-cooling spindle.

4. 20 Hiwin Rails.

5. Taiwan TBI ballscrew.

6. Leadshine Stepper motor.

7. Leadshine  driver.

8. Fuling inverter.

9. DSP control system.

10. Tool sensor (Auto tool zero calibration for Z axis).

11. Cast iron structure.

12. All the necessary parts for machine use (different size collets).

Small Desktop CNC Mill Applications

Applied Industries

Metal molds, bronze, embossed mold, wooden mold, three-dimensional model making, and jewellery industry.

Applied Materials

Various types of mold and model processing on man-made stone, copper, aluminum, iron, plastic, and wood.

Small Desktop CNC Mill Technical Parameters



Working Area


Table Size


Repositioning Positioning Accuracy



Steel Structure

Spindle Power Motor

2.2KW water cooling spindle

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

Stepper Motor

Working Voltage

AC220V/50Hz or customzied

Command Language

G code

Operating System

DSP Control System


Plywood Case

Small Desktop CNC Milling Machine Details

Small CNC milling machine

Desktop CNC Mill

Desktop Small CNC Milling Machine Projects

Desktop small CNC milling machine samples

Desktop small CNC milling machine sample

Small CNC milling machine project

Desktop Small CNC Milling Machine Package

Desktop Small CNC Milling Machine Package

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