2023 Best ATC CNC Wood Lathe with Automatic Tool Changer

2023 best ATC CNC wood lathe is equipped with an automatic tool changer system, 4th axis, and long lathe bed, which is used for 3D turning and milling baseball bats, Roman columns, table legs, sofa feet, wood bowls, vases, spindles, and balusters.

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2023 Best ATC CNC Wood Lathe with Automatic Tool Changer

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ATC CNC Wood Lathe with Automatic Tool Changer

ATC CNC Wood Lathe Features

1. The wood lathe adopts advanced DSP system with USB connection, operated with handle, convenient operation.

2. The whole lathe machine is welded with seamless steel structure, which is high temperature annealing and vibrating stress relief, so the lathe machine body is stabilized and will not be deformed forever.

3. The ATC CNC wood lathe adopts domestic top brand stepper motor to ensure high precision.

4. Operating system has friendly easy operation interface, english suggestion and simple setting method.

5. Spindle System is divided into single axial and biaxial.

6. Transmission system adopts Hiwin square rail and ball screw to control the linear error effectively .

7. One-time tool setting to finish the whole workpiece.

8. Compatible with several CAD/CAM design software such as Type3, Artcam, etc.

9. The ATC wood lathe can completely work offline and do not take any computer resources.

10. 4th axis for 3D carving and cutting.

11. Automatic tool changer system.

ATC CNC Wood Lathe Applications

The ATC CNC wood lathe with automatic tool changer system is used for roman columns, wooden handles, baseball bats, stairway newel posts, staircases, stairway balusters, end table legs, dining table legs, sofa table legs, chair legs, bar stool legs, chair arm posts, chair stretchers, bed rails, bun feet, lamp posts and so on.

ATC CNC Wood Lathe Technical Parameters



Max turning length


Max turning diameter



3.5KW air cooling spindle with motor

Number of axis

Single axis, two blade

Maximum feed rate


Spindle speed


Minimum setting unit


Control system

PLC controller

Driving system

Stepper motor

Power supply

AC220V/60hZ (AC380V for option)

Whole power consumption


Overall dimensions




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